A good website is only part of a business

By 5th September 2014 No Comments

Build it and they will come… right?

Building a business requires a lot more than simply building a website – harsh but true. A website is an important part of a business and there’s a lot more to think about. Throwing a few hundred pounds into a website without any kind of marketing strategy will eventually end in disappointment. The same fundamental rules apply to an online business as they do to an offline business.

Imagine this… you rent a store on the high street and hire the best interior designer that money could buy to make it look amazing. Window dressing alone isn’t be enough to expect huge sales to roll in and be instantly successful. What you really need are fantastic products or services that reflect the passion you have for them and the value they bring to your target audience. Of course, creating an online business will save on rent and rates but it creates new overheads so don’t spend your change just yet. Amazon spent $10bn last year on R&D so if you’re an online retailer and building a website on a tight budget just bear in mind that getting to the top of Google search results is going to be a challenging task.

We help smaller businesses to punch above their weight by using the most popular technology available which keeps costs down and improves search engine optimisation. All we ask is that we can work through a project methodically together and consider a sensible budget for managing your website so that it’s successful instead of just nice.