Essential Website Strategies: Part 1 of 10

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10 Essential strategies to improve your website and attract more customers

Part 1.
Improve your websites home page

The homepage of your website is a shop window. When visitors arrive at your website they will very often find themselves at your home page and research shows that they will decide if they like it and stick around within the first eight seconds. How do they do that? By reading it. The few paragraphs of text are the most important words on your website. Get it right and you have a magnet. Get it wrong and you’ll loose them forever. Have a great big animated slideshow by all means but don’t forget to include plenty of juicy text content (not copy and pasted). Without adding valuable text you will loose customers and Google will hold it’s hands up in despair and put your site lower down the page rankings so be warned.

Many people think that web designers are mainly concerned with making websites look pretty and unfortunately that can often be true. Thankfully we’re experienced enough to realise that new wallpaper won’t stop the cracks. We go right to the problem and can tell immediately if your home page is maximising sales and how it can be changed and improved.