If your site will feature photography, music and artistic products or services there are generally two options. 1. Choose between a static brochure-type site which will remain static until you ask your designer to make changes for you or… 2. Choose individual elements which customise the site to your specifications. For example, the example above includes an admin area where the administrator can upload entire photo albums so that their customer can select and buy images. I will advise according to your individual requirements and explain all the pros and cons. 3. Have editable areas of the site where you can make changes to some of the content or even all of the content and even add additional pages for free.

This option does cost a little bit more but whether you need it or not depends entirely on your needs – it’s easy to learn but you’ll still need to put some effort into it so ask yourself; Will I be prepared to learn how to make the changes and will I have the time? If you decide that is the best option for you, I can make it happen.

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