What’s a QR Code anyway?

A QR Code (Quick Response) is a mobile phone readable barcode that can store website URL’s, text, phone numbers, email addresses and other kinds of data.

They’ve been around in Japan since 1994 Japan and are now gaining popularity here in the U.K.
You can see that they don’t quite look the same as a regular barcode. That’s because they can carry up to several hundred times the amount of data carried by an ordinary barcode.

They can store and display all kinds of information, from a link to a website address, a menu or contact information & phone numbers.

Anybody with a smartphone can scan and read QR codes with the click of their camera, and you can generate your own QR code here on this page.

You can find QR codes on many different objects these days, from consumables, clothing, magazines, advertising billboards & estate agents’ ‘For Sale’ signs.

Here’s a video introduction to QR Codes…

I can also create custom QR codes with your logo embedded. Get in touch for more information.

If you feel like it, click here to read my own little introduction to QR codes.

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