SEO ideas for smaller businesses (SME)

By 28th April 2016 No Comments

1. Organically optimise your site using key phrases you provide and pay as you go. In my experience it makes little sense to commit to a long-term strategy because things change so fast you might still be doing something pretty useless 12 months from now. Recently, a local website owner who had no presence in the first five pages of Google approached me for SEO advice and after I spent an hour on the site (£30) it now ranks on page one. It took several weeks for that to happen and he’s happy now. He would prefer not to pay any more right now which is fine with me but I advised that without maintenance it will slowly drop down again but you see what I mean. It sometimes only needs £30 or so spent each month – not £hundreds unless the competition is fierce. By paying as you go, you have the flexibility to stop whenever it suits you. It’s not as fast as Pay-per-click but it’s much cheaper and resilient to Google algorithm changes.

2. Set up a Mailchimp campaign. I can set up a subscriber email list on your website and/or import a list of industry contacts. Let me have that in a suitable format (I’ll let you know how) and I’ll create a Mailchimp account and newsletter so you can send out HTML emails whenever you want to. I can do that bit for just £30. I can then design and test the emails for you which will look like mini website pages to be delivered straight into a recipients mailbox (up to 2000 recipients free). I can design those from just £45. You just click ‘Send’ when you’re ready and you can monitor the response afterwards. It’s much cheaper than sending snailmail and great for keeping in touch with repeat/commercial contacts. Instead of trying to make them visit your website, send your website direct to them!